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Name Designation
1. Mr. Ehrim Francis Vocational Counselor Job Developer
2. Miss. Dupe Atode Secretary

Training Components

NOIC has designed methods and training techniques that are unique. They are time and cost effective. The duration of NOIC full time training range from 12 — 18months: and at the cheapest cost possible when compared with what other institutions with similar programmes teach in two or three years, and at much higher cost. Training continues throughout the year except in July when trainees and instructors go on their vacation and annual leave respectively. We eschew frivolous holidays.
Only public holidays are recognized and observed. The training is in three Stages:

The Feeder Component
On admission, a trainee spends the first six months in the feeder class. Training here is predominantly attitudinal with some introductory courses in their major vocational courses taught at this level include Communication skills, Computational skills, Small Enterprise Development, HIV/AIDS Awareness Education, Peace Building/Conflict Mitigation Education and Personality Development.

The Vocational Component
The next 12 months are spent in vocational classes which are segregated into Vocational ‘A and ‘B’ Trainees are given intensive training in their course areas. This is when trainees master a trade they could sell in the job market.

On-the Job Training (OJT)
At the end of successful competition of trainee vocational courses. Trainees are referred to industries where they practice the trade relevant to their vocational training under the supervision of the supervisor.

Job Placement
The job placement strategy combines the efforts of the board members, management, staffs and job development unit. Contacts are made on behalf of the graduate trainees for job placement in organizations

Computer Professionals Association of Nigeria (CPN)
Accreditation by CPN for our computer studies received attention in 2003, when a visitation panel from the body visited the Centre and reiterated its satisfaction with the equipment and training infrastructures that was available for accreditation purposes.

NOIC Capability & Future Plans
Having been in existence since 1970, and with support of donors like United States Agency for International Development (USAID), IFESH, and Chase Manhattan Morgan Foundation (USA), The Royal Embassy of Netherlands, the Nigerian Youth Trust, and other Nigerian Organizations and International donor, NOIC through is vocational and training Programmes has empowered thousands of youths in the area of skills acquisition, job placement and job creation.

NOIC has experience in selling up agricultural protects (Food Cropping and Animal Husbandry) in a rural selling. Its Agricultural Programme at Ilupeju Ekiti has gone a long way in reducing rural urban drift of youths, instead it has attracted youths from other places to avail them of the vocational and agricultural training.
At its Ilupeju Ekiti project site; an all —year round vegetable farming, snailery, piggery, garri processing plant; palm fruit digester and nut-cracking machine and rabitery are in place for training of young farmers who will later be resettled on their own farmlands or government farmlands.
NOIC has also set up demonstration farm to serve as a training ground for adult farmers in Ilupeju Ekiti. 10 hectares were cultivated for maize and it is being planned to increase the hectares to include other cash crops like yams; Soya beans and permanent crops like palm oil and circus fruits.

Woman Activities
NOIC has a food proceeding unit at Ilupeju-Ekiti utilizing locally fabricated equipment recommended by the IITA, Ibadan. The equipment is utilized to process cassava into Fufu and Lafun, and the shelling and milling of corn and other grains. The local women do all these to empower themselves on income generation. The Royal Netherlands Embassy funded the project. NOIC has been involved in Women-in-Development projects through offering vocational/Technical and agricultural programmes or special project. NOIC is presently embarking on a fish and snail farming at its Lagos Programmes premises as an economic venture project. This project can be replicated in other communities that are interested in establishing such.

Life Skill Courses
A distinct feature of NOIC training concept is its life courses, which are embedded into its vocational programmes. The life skill courses emphasize attitudinal, personality development and a holistic approach to learning. It incorporates such subjects like hygiene, grooming, attending job interviews, correct attitude to work, morality, social etiquette and interaction, human relations skills, HIV/AIDS awareness education and Peace Building/Conflict Mitigation education. The graduate trainees of NOIC have track record of having the right attitude to work, hence employers of labour keep demanding for NOIC graduates.

Future Plans
NOIC intends to replicate its Programmes in as many States of the Federation as possible. Already, interest groups have been formed in Kogi, Anambra and Akwa-ibom States. Our vision is to have an NOIC Programme in every State of Nigeria where youths are in need of skills, to turn their hopelessness into hope.

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