Collegiate Leadership prepares a diverse group of student leaders to have a positive impact on their future communities while they learn extensively about what makes Tampa Bay a favored place to live and work. Through experiential learning, students explore careers in the nonprofit, private, public, and philanthropic sectors. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to develop their professional lives and build a future as engaged Tampa Bay citizens through interactive and collaborative activities.

The 2022 class was made up of 23 students representing Saint Leo University, The University of South Florida, and The University of Tampa who have demonstrated leadership within their campus community, as well as academic success.

The 2022 Class

Saint Leo University

  • Seanette Culmer – Accounting and Economics
  • Maurice Ferguson – Computer Science – Information Assurance
  • Kenrinique Morris – Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Karl Nyman – Biology – Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Lisa Ogueke – Political Science
  • Aaron Smith – Sports Business / Management
  • Rashanté Sumner – Economics with minors in International Finance and Management
  • Stéphanie Vallès – Economics

University of South Florida

  • Pedro Abdo Breviglieri Nader – Business Analytics and Information Systems
  • Naren Bollineni – Quantitative Economics & Econometrics
  • Esteban Guzman – Marketing
  • Shannon Harner – Political Science; Sociology (Concurrent Majors)
  • Chloe Hoskins – Accounting
  • Katherine Metheny – Political Science, concurrent degree in Economics
  • Sean Schrader – Business Administration
  • Adriana Steiner – Global Business
  • Chase Thomas – Information Sciences (Data Science and Analytics)

University of Tampa

  • Michelle Figura – Finance
  • Gwendlyne Guido – Political Science
  • Madeline Martin – Allied Health / Concentration in Medical Sciences
  • Emiliann Palermo – Economics
  • Cassidy Wilson – Psychology
Program Days

Program Days

Opening Session


To lay the groundwork for a solid foundation for the Collegiate Leadership Tampa Bay Class of 2022 while building relationships and setting the purpose for our journey.


  • Scott Riley, Riley Foundation
  • Arnie Bellini, The Bellini Foundation
  • Aakash Patel, Elevate Inc.

Government | Legal | Real Estate


  • Miray Holmes – City of Tampa
  • City of Tampa Mayor Jane Castor
  • Shauna Hale – U.S. Attorney;s Office
  • Nicholas Buchanan – Smith & Associates
  • Lorena Hardwick – HART
  • Michelle Van Loan – City of Tampa
  • Chad Davis – Glausier Knight Jones
  • Kareem J. Spratling – Bryant Miller Olive


  • City Hall
  • Stetson Law
  • Water Street
  • Pirate Water Taxi

Financial Services | Entrepreneurship | Tech


  • Amy Martinez-Monfort – Tampa Laundry Company
  • Daniel Hamala – Seacoast Bank
  • Jeff Chernoff – Insurance and Trust
  • Mallory Kuba – Truist
  • Tony Selvaggio – eSmart Recycling
  • Chris Karlo – MercuryWorks
  • Josh Barillas – Allovue
  • Lakshmi Shenoy – Embarc Collective
  • Steve Simmons – A-Lign
  • Marcus Session – Tampa International Airport
  • Craig Fulton – ConnectWise
  • Kelly Cassidy – Majesty Title


  • Embarc Collective
  • Seacoast Bank

Transportation | Infrastructure | Sustainability


  • Danny Cooper – Tampa International Airport
  • Matt Floyd – Port Tampa Bay
  • Tom Joos – TECO
  • Beth Alden – Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization
  • Matt Mucci – AT&T
  • Chuck Weber – City of Tampa
  • Alexis Black – City of Tampa
  • Edgar Castro Tello – City of Tampa


  • Virtual

Military | First Responders


  • Lt Col John Schwarts – MacDill AFB
  • Brett Kennedy – USSSOCOM
  • Chief David Dittman – Tampa Fire Rescue
  • Corporal Jared Douds – Tampa Police Department
  • Ann Maglio – USSOCOM
  • Anna Richardson Griffin – Tampa Police Department
  • Pilar Correa – MacDill Civilian Personnel
  • Donna Honeycutt – WWC Global
  • LT Cassandra Thompson – SOFWERX


  • Tampa Police Department Training Facility

Healthcare | Mental Health


  • Ivonne Hernandez – University of South Florida
  • Danielle De Cosmo Goodwin – Tampa General Hospital
  • Kathy Koch – Aeromed Flight Nurse
  • Andrea Cichon – Tampa General Hospital
  • Angelique McCormick – Tampa General Hospital
  • Rayna M. Letourneau – University of South Florida
  • Ronetta Lambert – Tampa General Hospital
  • Seema Weinstein – Tampa General Hospital


  • Tampa General Hospital

Hospitality | Entertainment | Sports


  • Lee Cohen – Tampa Bay Rays/Rowdies
  • Travis Pelleymounter – Vinik Sports Group
  • Karla Hartley – Stageworks
  • Neal Thurman – Busch Gardens
  • Scott Swenson – Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC
  • Alex Crow – ZooTampa
  • Martin Thorson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Vance Smith – New York Yankees
  • Cassandra Franklin – New York Yankees


  • ZooTampa
  • Steinbrenner Field
  • Tampa Theatre
  • Busch Gardens
  • The Vault/Gin Joint

Closing Session/Graduation Ceremony


To provide class members with an understanding of future involvement in Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay and other Chamber opportunities as well as determine the next steps in their leadership journeys.

Each student is paired up with a mentor from Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay, the Tampa Bay Chamber’s young professional organization. Each student receives a complimentary Emerging Leaders membership after they graduate.

Student Feedback

The Collegiate Leadership Program is an immersive experience that truly takes you behind the scenes of industries in Tampa Bay and give you the skills and knowledge to be a confident leader.

– Lisa Ogueke, Saint Leo University

We got exposed to industries and career paths that I had never thought about. It opened my eyes to new possibilities while developing my critical thinking skills and ability to be curious about jobs that don’t directly relate to my major.

– Pedro Nader, University of South Florida

My biggest takeaway from this program is the power of networking. I had always heard networking was important but didn’t know how to develop the skill. I learned how to effectively communicate in a professional manner while showcasing my authentic self.

– Cassidy Wilson, University of Tampa


Collegiate Leadership enhanced my ability to understand issues and assets within Tampa Bay.


Collegiate Leadership enhanced my ability to discover personal pathways to make meaningful contributions to my community.


Collegiate Leadership has helped me to be a more effective leader/team member/peer.


Are planning on staying in Tampa Bay after graduation.


Said CLTB influenced their decision to stay in Tampa after graduation.


Received an internship or job offer during the program.


Collegiate Leadership enhanced my ability to connect personal interests, abilities and strengths to career options.


Collegiate Leadership enhanced my ability to access peer support, professional networks and circle of influence necessary to build my network in Tampa Bay.